Hybrid cloud for free - free edition

Install free version of Cloudtoprivate software on your bare metal servers and get the management tool of virtual servers absolutely for free. Unlimited servers, unlimited locations. Easily within one web interface.

FREE edition brings

  • Tuned hypervizor

    Virtualization of bare metal server for free. Compatible with 99 % of hardware.

  • Really easy instalation

    Just insert the boot media and press the installation button.

  • Everything in one interface

    Easy management of virtual servers and networks within web interface.

  • One account, endless possibilities

    You can manage unlimited number of servers in any location within one user account.

  • Server monitoring

    Clear overview and status monitoring of hardware directly in the web management.

  • OS and application library

    No additional downloads required, just choose the right solution from the wide variety of operating systems and applications.

Do you need?

  • Automatic backup
    to the cloud

  • Flexible rent
    of the cloud servers?

  • Increase the availability
    and solve the disaster recovery

..then you should choose Business edition »

coming soon!

Do you want Cloudtoprivate free edition?

  • Just download the software and run installation on your hardware

    Proces is really simple. Download the Cloudtoprivate software and install according to the instructions. You can find details in section Download.

  • Don’t you have your own hardware and do you want to rent cloud server?

    We are going to bring a special offer with the global bare metal server providers - exceptional price of servers and one-click installation of Cloudtoprivate. Virtual server are really cheap then. Manage VPS anytime and anywhere. It is easy and fast.

Can we advise you what to choose?

Feel free to contact us any time. We are ready to help.