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Manage, backup and recover virtual servers in all locations. Easily within one web interface.

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One web interface:

  • Hybrid cloud management

    Single point for management of virtual servers located in different geographical locations. Easy rent of servers in public location.

  • Secure backup and recovery

    Back up virtual servers to the cloud. Run disaster recovery to your private location or to the cloud.

  • Combine on-premise hardware and public servers

    Do you prefer own on-premise hardware, public server or both? Temporarily or permanently? It is up to you, everything is covered in web management.

  • Moving your Microsoft licenses is possible

    Thanks to the dedicated servers you can easily re-use the existing licenses and save money.

  • Private environment with dedicated hardware.

    Dedicated hardware brings higher performance and security. Allocate performance of virtual server as you need.

  • Optimized Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

    Using of existing hardware, no costs of hypervizor, moving the licenses and no hidden fees – that’s all decrease TCO.

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Free edition*0 €Business edition*49 € / monthly
59,29 € / monthly with VAT

Create/edit/delete virtual servers

Web interface and server management

Unlimited number of servers and locations

Virtual networks

Migration of virtual servers

offline live

Integrated public servers

Manual and automatic backup

Custom images

One-click recovery

Locations in one network (L2)


* The Business plan can be soon activated or deactivated in web administration

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